Prairie Dog
Are you finding holes in your yard? Noticing a loss in vegetation? You may have prairie dogs living in your yard or fields! Call Critter Control of Boulder for professional prairie dog control.

Prairie dogs stay to the ground and are vital for the survival of other prairie animals. Snakes and owls use prairie dog burrows for safe shelter.

How can I tell if my problem animal is a prairie dog?

Prairie dogs are reddish brown in color, weigh between 1-3 pounds, and are about a foot long. Their heads are rounded, they have short ears, and large eyes.

Where do prairie dogs generally live?

Prairie dogs mostly live in lands west of the Mississippi River. Their homes consist of burrows in the ground. If you have a colony of prairie dogs, the burrows can go for miles rather than a few acres.

Prairie Dog Entry and Damages

Prairie dogs will normally not enter homes or businesses. The damages are generally outside and made significantly to landscaping. These social animals may gather in groups of hundreds or thousands! Their burrows are hard to spot and can harm livestock and people when they are unknowingly stepped in. Prairie dogs will cause damages and ruin vegetation, creating problems for livestock and farmers.

Critter Control of Denver Prairie Dog Control

Critter Control of Boulder is aware of the specific methods of approach for dealing with prairie dogs. Prairie dogs carry fleas that can transfer diseases through biting. Your technician will be sure to wear protective clothing to avoid contact with fleas through land inhabited by prairie dogs.

Critter Control of Boulder will work hard to keep the prairie dogs off your land and implement effective methods of control. Prairie dogs are hesitant by nature, making them difficult to remove. We are sure to use trapping and removal techniques under the laws and regulations regarding prairie dog removal. Call Critter Control of Boulder to have the prairie dogs humanely and efficiently removed.

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