Deer Mice
Deer mice will gnaw on building structures and create a stinky mess of droppings. Critter Control of Boulder offers deer mice control services to keep the damages from reoccurring.

How can I tell it is a deer mouse?

Deer mice get their name from their coloring. Their bodies are mostly brown/tan colored but with a white underbelly. Deer mice have a round and slender body that ranges from 7-10 CM long in length. Their features consist of a pointy nose, large and beady eyes, large ears with little fur, and long tail.

What is the usual habitat of deer mice?

Deer mice like to nest inside of hollow logs, holes in trees, under rocks, under logs, or anywhere associated with bushy or wooded areas. Their nests will consist of fur, weeds, seed, and paper. Deer mice inside your home will generally go for areas furthest from people, including attics, basements, and crawlspaces.

Deer Mice Entry and Damages

Deer mice will create quite the mess and hazards for you and your family. The droppings and musty odors will be difficult to remove, and the gnaw marks will only continue to develop. Deer mice are quick at reproducing. When inside a building, deer mice can reproduce year round. A deer mouse will have 4 pups per liter, 2-4 liters a year, and will reach sexual maturity after 1 month. Deer mice enter homes in search of food and warmth and will hoard food supplies from your cupboards!

The hazards that come with a deer mice infestation are in their droppings. Deer mice can carry diseases such as Hantavirus that can sometimes be fatal. It is important to trust a professional when trying to control a deer mice infestation, especially a large one.

Critter Control of Boulder deer mice control

Critter Control of Boulder has professionals that are knowledgeable in proper deer mice control. Your technician will be able to safely remove the wildlife animal, repair damages done, and prevent future invasions from occurring. If you are hearing noises in the attic or finding droppings around your home, call Critter Control of Boulder.

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