Critter Control of Boulder is experienced in dealing with many of your most bothersome pests. Whether you need to get rid of pesky bats or opossums from your attic, remove moles or snakes that are ravaging your yard or prevent mice from spreading diseases and eating your food, count on us to get the job done in a safe, effective and humane manner.

Our services focus on getting rid of animals, repairing damages they've caused and preventing them from returning to your home.

Animal Trapping and Removal

Trapping wild animals effectively takes a considerable amount of knowledge on the problem animal at hand. Our technicians are thoroughly trained on animal’s specific habits, habitats, intelligence levels and diets. All of these aspects come into play during trapping and removal. Removal is important in order to start the control process. We ensure all problem wildlife are removed safely, humanely, and quickly. It is vital to remove wildlife animals as quickly as possible to decrease the amount of potential damages.

Damage Control

Wildlife animals will cause extensive damage to your home at the point of entry alone. The point of entry can cause water damage, a decrease your homes energy value and an entry way for other critters. Once inside animals may chew wires, tear through air ducts or cause other substantial destruction. Our technicians are professionally trained and will use high-end materials to save your home from further harm.


Our technicians do not consider a job finished until our proven prevention methods are in place. We may install attic screen guards, soffit screen guards, louvre vent screen guards, chimney caps or other tactics. It is our duty to keep your home critter-free. Habitat modification is an easy and effective way to keep your home and yard unattractive to wildlife.

Bird Control

Bird control is essential to keep a safe work environment and keep the value of your property. Pigeon feces will cause erosion, black birds will ruin vegetation or contaminate food and sparrows can build nests inside vents creating a fire hazard. We can control your most problematic birds and decrease the possibility of extensive damages.

Home Services

Insulation installation and removal, feces removal, dead animal removal and vent screen guards are a few home services our technicians offer along with wildlife control. These services will assist in keeping the value of your home up, keeping your home clean, and keeping critters out!

Critter Control of Boulder Service Area

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