Jun 14
As always, quick to respond and thorough in his eradication of the vole problem. Very professional in his explanation of the problem and the measures being taken to solve it.
Jun 14
Always the best!
Jun 14
Very helpful. I assume you will contact me about what work is needed and the cost. Bill Burton
Wildlife Management

Trust Critter Control of Boulder for all of your animal removal and animal damage repair needs. We service residential, commercial, municipal, and industrial clients throughout the Boulder area. Our trained technicians know how to get rid of animals and prevent them from causing further harm to your home or business. If you hear scratching in the wall or noises in the attic, our team will find what's responsible. It's very common for bats, squirrels, raccoons, or birds to find entry and set up their nests or dens in your attic. Nuisance wildlife setting up camp in your home is unsettling to begin with, but most homeowners don't realize the extensive damage that can be done to their insulation, wood beams, or roof while the animals are there. Critter Control of Albuquerque will identify and remove your unwanted guests as well as investigate and close off any entry points to keep them out for good. Our trained staff will also assess any damages done to your home and provide and estimate for repair. We want to return your home to it's prior condition. Perhaps it's the exterior of your home that is riddled with nuisance animals. Do you have small bumps showing up all over your yard? Moles and voles are both capable of doing serious damage to your lawn. Voles will eat away at bulbs and grass roots effectively killing off landscaping that you've worked hard to maintain. If you think you may have a mole or vole problem, don't wait, call us for an inspection today! Whether you need bat removal, mole control, raccoon extraction or attic restoration, insulation repair, or animal waste clean up - call us today for courteous, efficient, and affordable service at 303.536.7957.

Animal Removal

The urban and suburban sprawl has decreased the natural habitat for many species of wildlife. It's no surprise the need for animal removal services are increasing throughout the United States and Canada. Many homeowners try and tackle this task themselves, but mole removal, raccoon trapping, squirrel exclusion tactics, and bat control can be expensive and dangerous for the untrained individual. Bats are an important part of the ecosystem and tend to hibernate in colder climates in order to preserve themselves. During their warmer and more active months they easily make their way indoors through chimneys, vents, or imperfections in the infrastructure in your home. Each specie of bat requires specific consideration for trapping and removal efforts and should always be handled by a wildlife expert informed of Colorado's state regulations regarding each one. If you think you may have bats in your house, call us right away. Skunks can be a common nuisance animal in Colorado summers and often make their way under porches or even climb into attics to den up and protect their young. Trapping a skunk is no easy task and should never be attempted by an untrained person. Skunks can carry rabies, the liquid from their glands can cause temporary blindness, and they have sharp teeth and claws in order to protect themselves against potential threats. They can spray up to 10 feet and may stomp their front feet to warn you, but it's always better to play it safe when it comes to skunk control! Call Critter Control of Boulder if you suspect or find any skunk intruders on your property. People often confuse a vole problem with a mole problem. Extended days or weeks of snow from Colorado's winter can keep above ground food sources limited and keep the voles underground. When their underground food stores run out, voles will seek out the bulbs of shrubs, plants, and roots of grass for food if they cannot find any other adequate sources, leaving you with a dead landscape and a lawn full of tunnels and burrows. If you suspect you have a vole or mole problem, we can help you determine the culprit and find an efficient solution to keep these destructive pests away. Critter Control is proud to provide humane, affordable, effective, and efficient animal removal services and techniques since 1983.

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